Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Romans 2

 Romans 2 has a lot of good things in it!

Paul starts this chapter by talking about how people can't judge other people because it is bad! Only God can and will judge people! Everyone was doing some really bad things so it was wrong for them to act like they were so good and there was nothing wrong with them. Paul then talks about how forgiving God is. Paul was trying to warn these people about the day when God would judge them for their actions. Paul talked about how angry God will get at these people: But he will pour out his anger and wrath on those who live for themselves, who refuse to obey the truth and instead live lives of wickedness. (Romans 2:8 NLT).

 Next Paul talked about how these people believed that they were okay and they could teach people about God. They thought that the sins they were committing were not bad enough so they could teach others about what not to do. Paul then starts asking them questions about if what they follow what they are teaching others. Paul then tells them that they are not true Jews because their hearts are not in the right place. Verse 29: No a true Jew is one whose heart is right with God. And true circiumcision is not merely obeying the letter of the law; rather, it is a change of heart produced by God's sprit. And a person with a change heart seeks praise from God not from people. (NLT). Has there ever been a time when you were trying to please someone that was not God?


Nathan Coupleton said...

Your doing great Jackie!
I liked: And this is the message I proclaim—that the day is coming when God, through Christ Jesus, will judge everyone’s secret life. (Romans 2:16 NLT)
A little while ago I used to live 2 lives. One at church, and one at school I wouldn't want the church people to see. This verse convicted me to always be real. I need to be the same person living for God no matter where I am.

Joe Hinkle said...

Love these posts Jackie!
I liked verse 3, "So when you, a mere man, pass judgment on them and yet do the same things, do you think you will escape God's judgment?" Sometimes it is easy to judge someone to make us feel better. But Paul points out that in doing so, not only is this wrong, but we are not going to escape God's judgment.
I really like the message translation you posted Nathan. It really gets the point across.

Anonymous said...

You may think you can condemn such people, but you are just as bad, and you have no excuse! When you say they are wicked and should be punished, you are condemning yourself, for you who judge others do these very same things. ( Romans 2:1 nlt)

I really like this verse. I'm going through a lot right now and reading this verse i couldn't help thinking that some of my friends needed to read it. After I read this I prayed because that's the wrong attitude to have. Now i realize that God pointed this verse out to me not my friends. This verse is saying how we have no right to judge others because we are guilty of mostly everything we are accusing them of. But verse 2 says that its God's job to punish others and judge them not us.

Verse 16, And this is the message I proclaim- that the day is coming when God, through Christ Jesus, will judge everyone's secret life.
Nathan i like what you said about being one person at school and another at church. I sometimes struggle with that too. Its hard to always be the same person under different circumstances but i'm working on following God's word no matter who i'm with. Impact church is helping me with this a lot. I used to pretend that everything was perfect at southbrook but i know that i can be real at impact because people will love me for me no matter wether everything in my life is perfect.
Joe i like what you said about judging people to make us feel better. That is an easy thing to do but God doesn't judge me so I have no right to judge others. Every time i find myself starting to judge people i remind myself that it's hurtful when others judge me and that the only one who has a right to judge anyone is Jesus.

Yes jackie I'm the person who wants to make everyone happy so I try to please everyone. Just so you know it doesn't work. Someone will always be upset with you but if the Lord is pleased then that's enough for me! ~abby<3