Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Noah and the Flood

In the Bible show we watched on Saturday, they showed the story of Noah and the Ark very quickly, so hopefully this post will give you a better idea of what it was about.

            The reason God allowed the flood to happen is because He saw that the world was corrupted. God warned Noah of this and He told him to build an ark. He said that everything that is not within the ark will die. Noah brought his family with him. God also commanded him to bring 2 of every living thing on the ark, one male and one female. This is one of my favorite Bible stories because I think it’s amazing that Noah built an ark that can fit 2 of every living thing, and it’s also hard to imagine how noisy it would be in there with every animal in it. I also think this story teaches us an important lesson. When God says to do something, you NEED to listen to Him, and you don’t always need to understand why because God always has a reason. If Noah didn’t listen, he would have died with all the others.


Jackie Lloyd said...

The story of Noah and the Flood has always interested me! Like you said Brian, this story shows how important it is to follow everything God tells you! If you don't you will get in BIG trouble. But I have also always wondered if I would be like Noah and build the boat. I wonder if I would be to worried about what others would think of me?

WHOA I JUST REALIZED THIS KINDA RELATES TO MY LIFE NOW!!! Okay so I talk about God with my Christian friends all the time, but not so much my non Christian friends. I guess I am worried that I will offend them or they won't want to be my friend anymore or something like that... but I need to realize that God wants me to talk to them. They need to know about God!

So just like how God told Noah to build a boat, God is telling me to talk to thoughts kids in my Theater class. :)

Jackie Lloyd said...

P.s. Great post Brian! :)

Joe Hinkle said...

Great connection Jackie!! And good job with the post Brian!

Atherial Matt said...

"If Noah didn’t listen, he would have died with all the others." -True true. My advice would be if you feel God is telling you to do something then do it. You won't regret it. -Matt

Nate said...

Good job Brian.
Noah probably got made fun of for working on the ark so he really needed to trust an obey God. Noah had some really amazing faith!

Kitty @ Four Toms and a Mom said...

Check out Bill Cosby on Noah!