Sunday, December 16, 2012


Hey guys! We are on the last chapter of Acts and we will be starting Romans tomorrow. Jackie will be leading us so be supportive of her.

The crew lands shore on the island of Malta. The islanders welcome them and make a meal for them. Paul suddenly gets bitten by a snake. The islanders think this is a sign of a bad man, but Paul shakes it off into the fire and suffers no ill effects. The islanders then think Paul is a god. Paul visits the chief official of the island and heals his father and many other sick people on the island. Finally after three months, they head back to Rome. How has God used a disaster in your life for ministry? What have you learned from this?

Paul arrives in Rome and notices there is nobody accusing him. He takes this opportunity to preach to the Jewish leaders and quotes Isaiah 6-9-10. Paul stays in Rome for two years and "preached the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ." Probably within a few years, Paul was killed by the emperor Nero. How would verse 31 serve as a fitting epitaph on Paul's grave?

What do you need to build into your life now, so that your faith in Christ will be what people remember about you at death?

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