Thursday, December 13, 2012

Acts 25

Thank you everyone who came last night. Nathan did a great job leading us. After we finish Acts we are going to start the book of Romans! (Which if I did the math right, we should start on Monday) You guys are doing amazing with these devotionals so keep it up.

Acts 25!

So Paul is going to trail with Festus, not Felix, he was succeeded by Festus. The Jews wanted Paul to go to Jerusalem to be tried. Their actual plan was to ambush Paul along to way to kill him. Paul however, says he has not been accurately charged so no one has the right to lay a hand on him. He appeals to Caesar! What laws conflict with your efforts to emulate Jesus Christ? If someone wanted to prove you were a Christian, what evidence from the past week could they use?

Paul's appeal is granted and Festus meets with Kind Agrippa a few days later. Kind Agrippa wants to see Paul not because he has any authority over the situation, but out of mere curiosity. Agrippa has been ruling over Jerusalem beforehand so he knows a lot about these kind of issues... well I'm not sure if he has come across a Jesus freak like Paul. Anyways, Agrippa is seated and Paul is told to make his defense. When you have questions about your faith, to whom do you turn? How else do you seek input?

Paul's obedience to Jesus resulted in a trial very similar to Jesus' trial. How has your obedience to Jesus resulted in similarities to Jesus' experience?

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Nathan Coupleton said...

Romans is awesome I can't wait!
Today I saw again how Paul was innocent and could have been freed except so many News opposed him. Festus Felix wanted their favor but if they knew God they would have known God is the one to truly fear. Don't go with the crowd or masses, follow God!