Monday, December 10, 2012

Acts 22

Acts 22.

Paul speaks to them in Aramaic (or possible Hebrew) which makes them listen. Paul takes the opportunity to give his testimony of salvation. If you notice at the end of 22:9 it says "but they heard not the voice" but in 9:7 it says "hearing indeed the voice". This difference in wording is because the men with Saul did hear the voice but did not understand it. Everyone has their our story about how they received Christ. If you were too young to remember, you still have a story about when you first took your walk with Christ on your own and not because your parents said so. Have you ever given your testimony to someone?

The crowd has had enough and Paul is sent to be flogged. Before the flogging Paul asks if it is legal to flog a Roman citizen who is not found guilty. The commander realizes Paul is a citizen and withdrew immediately and unbinds Paul. Paul is about to make another speech! This time to the Sanhedrin! Paul's citizenship became an assent in his efforts to share the Gospel with Gentiles. What traits skills or experiences do you have which can help you share the Gospel with others?

How has your faith in Jesus redirected your life in a surprising way? How do you struggle with that redirection?

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Jackie said...

For you are to be his witness telling everyone what you have seen and heard. (16) What are you waiting for? Get up and be baptized. Have your sins washed away by calling on the names of the Lord.' Acts 22: 15-16 (NLT)

I really like these verses because they are really inspiring to me. Yes I have all ready been saved and baptized, but these verses just make me want to run out and tell everyone about God! This is what we are called to do. Once we are followers we are supposed to spread the Good News, and get people to accepted Christ.

P.s. I also have a prayer request, I have auditions for my schools musical tomorrow, YAY!! I have a really bad cold right now though! Please pray that it goes away by tomorrow so that I don't feel dizzy on stage (this will effect dancing) and that my voice does not get to messed up (this will effect singing and acting). Thank you soooooo much!